(Fall 2012) EE 268 – Introduction to Modern Optics

Geometrical optics: ray matrices, Gaussian beams, optical instruments, and radiometry. Wave nature of light: Maxwell's equations, propagation through media with varying index of refraction (e.g., fibers). Interferometry: basic principles, practical systems, and applications.
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(Spring 2011) EE 331 – Biophotonics: Light in Medicine and Biology

Current topics and trends in the use of light in medicine and for advanced microscopy. Course begins with a review of relevant optical principles (basic physics required). Key topics include: light-tissue interactions; sensing and spectroscopy; contrast-enhanced imaging; super-resolution and label-free microscopy; medical applications of light for diagnostics, in-vivo imaging, and therapy; nanophotonics and array technologies. Course content enhanced through use of interactive, online tutorials. 
Prerequisite: Undergraduate calculus and some programming experience recommended.
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